How to Choose the Right Casino for Your Gaming Preferences

One of the great conveniences of online slots is the ability to activate autoplay. Instead of manually clicking spin each time, you set the game to play automatically on your behalf. This lets you sit back and watch the reels spin without constantly interacting. When used properly, autoplay a useful feature. Autoplay allows you to pre-select a set number of spins which the game will then play through automatically at the current bet level. You can choose to play 50 straight games when you choose “Autoplay 50”. You stop autoplay manually at any time.

Setting up autoplay

Look for the autoplay or auto-spin button on the interface. Typically represented by two looping arrows, it brings up the autoplay configuration screen when clicked. 

  • Number of spins: Choose how many auto spins to run, usually from 10 to 500.
  • Stop autoplay conditions: Set rules for when you want autoplay to stop, like big wins or reaching a certain balance.
  • Bet settings: Confirm the number of paylines, bet amount per line, and total wager.

Once configured, click the autoplay button again to start automated spins based on your chosen settings.

Advanced autoplay options 

Many slots include additional options for customizing and managing the autoplay experience:

  • Infinite autoplay: Spins run continuously until you manually stop them or trigger a set limit.
  • Speed up: Faster reel animations make autoplay spins zip by quicker.
  • Random stop: Adds suspense by stopping autoplay randomly before hitting your set limit.
  • Improved mode: Smooth transitions between manual and autoplay spins. 
  • Action confirmation: Balislot88 requires an extra click when autoplay triggers a bonus or feature. Prevents you from missing big events.

Autoplay strategies and tips

  • Small sessions: Use autoplay for short bursts only, like 10 to 25 spins. This prevents overplaying.
  • Set strict limits: The program stops if your balance rises or falls sharply. 
  • Try “loss rebates”: Some slots refund part of losses during autoplay sessions.
  • Play free first: Confirm game volatility and features work with autoplay.
  • Pause on bonuses: Stop autoplay when bonus games trigger so you don’t miss them.
  • Monitor closely: Watch the screen in case you need to end autoplay manually.
  • Use sparingly: Avoid autoplay when chasing big wins since you’ll miss the thrill.

Autoplay responsibly 

While autoplay enhances convenience, be sure to use it responsibly:

  • Play within limits: Don’t get carried away just because you don’t have to click spin.
  • Control speed: Faster play lead to quicker losses, so adjust settings accordingly.
  • Take breaks: Step away between autoplay sessions to avoid fatigue and reckless decisions.
  • Review your history: Check bet amounts and stop conditions to keep autoplay accountable. 
  • Switch it up: Alternate between manual and automated play to find the right balance for you.
  • Disable when needed: Turn off autoplay if it’s not contributing to a positive experience.